BEDROOM HYMNS (2019, experimental short film) 

In association with HerLand, Telus & csif 

written & directed by Ingrid Vargas

cinematography by Grant Cooper

BEDROOM HYMNS is a short experimental narrative that explores the surreal yet tangible world of sleep & dreams all through a factual but imaginary lens.

In Post-Production.

ALL SAINTS ( 2018. short film) 

Funded by The Alberta Foundation for The Arts, produced by Kino Sum Productions 

with support from North Country Cinema 

written & directed by Ingrid Vargas 

cinematography by Noah Markus Leach


Strung together by the Catholic Church, a confession booth, and the Rosary, ALL SAINTS is a voyeuristic and light-hearted character study with a strong commentary on womanhood, religion, and culture.


GET A ROOM  (2018, skit/promo video)

in collaboration with FIVE ART AND MERCHANDISE

EDUCATED WOMAN (2018, album cover) 

for Amy Nelson

GIRLS ON THEIR PERIODS (2016-2017, photo series) 

I LOVE YOU, JOHNNY! ( 2016, short film) 

Funded by Telus Storyhive 

produced by Sara Corry 

written and directed by Ingrid Vargas 

cinematography by Charles Hamilton 

Things are going steady for Johnny and Lou, but who could've thought one would consider love to be a savage thing? In the words of Allan Roberts and croon of Connie Francis: You Always Hurt The One You Love.

Official Selection Calgary Underground Film Festival 


CHARLIE (short film)

produced/written/directed by Ingrid Vargas 

cinematography by Joseph Aaron Wright 


A Period Piece. 

Official Selection Femme Wave Film Festival 


FOR ISOBEL, FOR CURLING FLOWER SPACES ( 2013, experimental short)

based on a poem written by Ryan Helena Murphy 

produced/ cinematography/direction by Ingrid Vargas 

"Caddy smells like trees."